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Photo proof for those who think dragons aren’t real!

March 7, 2015


This has been a great wheel to build and I am honored to have had the privilege to make it.  The last touch was to add some Celtic graphic design on the handle.  It helps tie the carving to the varnished wood.  Something seemed to ring a faint bell as I was painting it.  Finally it dawned on me that when I was looking on the internet for Celtic design inspiration, I found that a lot of the photos were tattoos!   The handle area is about the same shape and color as an arm so a little mystery is solved!


This photo shows off the claw and ball foot better than others I’ve posted.  It was quite a challenge to integrate the sapelle with the cherry but I feel it works pretty well now.


Here is some evidence that the new dragon keeper, Elsa, is likely to have her hands full trying to keep this rascal in check.  I set Amy’s little Foothills wheel in the yard and the dragon decided to chase it around!  Establishing some sort of reptilian pecking order I’m thinking. Oh well – wheels will be wheels!  Thanks for looking.







From → Gary's Thoughts

  1. Karen permalink

    He’s beautifully breathtaking!

  2. Thanks Karen, We’ll have to let Elsa determine if this dragon is a he or a she. Seems pretty masculine to me though ;)

  3. Sally boussios permalink

    How fun and so beautiful!!

  4. Janet D. permalink

    There be dragons! Another great wheel as usual. And I love the smaller foothills wheel too. Side by side it’s easy to see the size difference now. It’s really cute…. and probably much lighter in weight too. Easier to tote to shows and spin groups.

  5. Kat Atkinson permalink

    I am in love with this wheel!!! So something in my style. Gary you just astound me with your talent.

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