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Progress on the Dragon

February 27, 2015

dragon wheel 2

Here’s the latest on the new wheel. The two dragons are painted on each of the big wheels in almost black and are surrounded by a gold line.  The background color is an amethyst, using some iridescent colors to make it work.  It shifts in tone depending on the light and angle.  You can see the Celtic knot painted on the hub now, too.  The footman rod abstractly resembles a wing and uses the same colors.  The toe end of the treadle has an overlay of sapelle with an inset amethyst stone.There is a black paint added which enhances the drama of the Celtic pattern.  A knob between the big wheels and  below the dragon’s head will  control the speed changer.  I inset a small cluster of amethyst crystals into the top of this knob. I haven’t been able to get a clear answer from Elsa but I HOPE she like amethyst!






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  1. HUGHES1681 permalink

    yummy this is so wonderful nice work!  

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