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Dragon Wheel Progress

February 22, 2015

dragon wheel

It’s been busy in the dragon’s lair (my dusty shop) and the wheel is coming along well.  I added an unexpected tail to the frame between where the treadles will eventually go.  This wheel has a ball and claw front foot.  It and other components are crafted from sapelle, a beautiful mahogany type wood.  In the center of each hub will be placed an amethyst cab.  There will be more surprises to come with more dragons and Celtic knots.  But enough for one day!






From → Gary's Thoughts

  1. What a work of art. Elsa it looks like this dragon might have been worth waiting for as he looks fierce and strong and beautiful.

  2. Millie Jaggard permalink

    I have been following your beautiful creation in the emails. Have you read the Dagonrider series by Anne McCaffrey? There was a white dragon, named Ruth, in whose presence a lie could not exist. He was small and formed an impression bond with his rider at the hatching.
    I seems to me a good description of your intent and the final outcome of your process. Your eventual buyer will form that bond with your dragon.
    Best regards,
    Millie Jaggard (an on-looker wishing you well on your journey)

  3. Kat Atkinson permalink

    Oh my! The wheel is coming along so beautifully. So funny before this picture I was talking to my husband about wanting a ball and claw foot on my wheel! You are just amazing in your talent!

  4. Crystal Ziemann permalink

    Hi, Congrats on your being featured in Spin Off mag. Pics look great. CZ

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks for the comments, friends! I didn’t know when the new issue would be coming out. Will have to go get a copy!

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