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A New Face to Introduce

February 19, 2015


Now that the hummingbird wheel is about to be shipped off I have turned my attention to new wheels.  Elsa from Portland requested a dragon wheel and wants it done in association with Celtic designs and ideas. The frame is built and the big wheels are glued up and awaiting the lathe.  In order to set the tone, I started the art by carving this head/handle.  Most of what you see is wood with a little epoxy overlay.  The eyes have a purple color, as there will be amethysts put into or onto the wheel eventually. This dragon has really assumed a personality, although there is some work left to do.  It is a bit fearsome but mostly just wise.  I am happy with how it is turning out.  Name ideas?






From → Gary's Thoughts

  1. knitsetter permalink

    Did you find someone to purchase the interesting wood for you? Wanted to know how it would work for the red tailed hawk. The new wheel is great!

  2. I did pick up some wood for one spinner and there are another couple spinners interested. It is a beautiful wood but everyone has their own ideas of what will make the wheel of their dreams. I just try to help! This wood would be very handsome on a hawk wheel. I think I e-mailed you about it. Thanks for the comment! Gary

    • knitsetter permalink

      I am looking for a tawny and red color if that works. May I ask where I am on the list?

  3. Eamonn, guardian of riches. The dragon seems to be that. You could add ‘ dubh’ ,means’ black’. Or “donn’ -brown. As in Dubh Eamonn, or Donn Eamonn. Love the dragon whatever you call it. …Maybe you should ask it ?

    • I’ll be sure Elsa gets this info. Ultimately she will be the one who decides. Thanks for the ideas! G

  4. Of course you may! All my wheels are so unique and this makes it hard to predict with accuracy when a wheel will be finished. Right now I’m thinking yours will be in production in May. The myrtle I got has a gray/yellow, walnut coloration. Pretty light in color over all but great contrast between the light and dark. I’m itching to play with it but will have to wait until other wheels are completed. I believe it would be easy to stain or dye this wood to bring it more in line with your color wishes. I could do some experiments with scraps. I think the contrasting areas of dark and light would be great to echo the look of a hawk.

  5. I will be watching for the red-tailed hawk! I’m hoping someday to have a wheel incorporating a red-tailed hawk too.

    • There is always more than one way to interpret a theme. And there are lots of other hawks too! When you are ready, I’ll be happy to build a wheel for you. G

    • knitsetter permalink

      Red tailed hawk is my totem animal.

      • Mine too. I am Little Hawk, after the red-tailed hawks. It was a nickname given to me by my dad. I tend to make my yarns as yarn he would have wanted to knit with since he was always complaining he couldn’t find “good” wool yarn.

  6. Helen permalink

    Wooly Wyrm

  7. knitsetter permalink

    Little hawk, are you on facebook? Would love to talk with you.

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