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Hummingbird Ready to Migrate North

February 17, 2015

hummer wheel1

Whenever we finish a wheel we try to take it outdoors for some better photos than I can get inside.  Also, with a little hummingbird, it just seems the right thing to do!  And we have been enjoying a break from the gray and wet weather.  Sunshine and mid 50’s.  This wheel has turned out very nice and spins as smoothly as any I have ever made.

hummer wheel2

Just another photo of the other side.  The fiber Amy chose to use as a test went so well with the paint and glass we just left it on for the photos.

hummer wheel3

This little carved bird seems to have a spark of life!  It seems busy and lost in its own pursuits – much like the hummers we have coming to our feeder every day.  The only time they acknowledge us is when we walk by too close and then they chirp at us in irritation.  Ungrateful though they appear, they are a welcome addition to our window view.  Now I move on to other projects.  One new wheel will be a Celtic dragon for a spinner in Oregon, and the other will be a milk snake for a spinner from Ohio.  I’m not a huge snake fan, but it will be a chance to learn and grow.  And this milk snake will have real ruby eyes!







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  1. Sally Boussios permalink

    Another happy new owner I am sure!

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