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Wood Possibility!

February 14, 2015


Yesterday I went out to Edensaw, my favorite wood supplier.  We are so fortunate to live just a couple of miles from such a great resource.  I picked out some nice cherry for ongoing projects and, as usual, took a few minutes to look at and drool over all the beautiful wood available.  I almost fell over when I found a nice stack of Oregon myrtle right there in front of me.  I have been going to Edensaw for years and never have I seen a stack like this!  I have no reason or room to stock up so I sadly bought just my cherry and came home.  I told Amy about the myrtle, though, and we have an idea that might just resonate with someone out there.  Since I may never have access to a pile like this again (and this was confirmed by the guys at the counter), I thought if anyone on my list of future wheel owners would like a wheel with myrtle, you could pay for the wood now and I will keep it ready for when your name comes up.  You would need to jump on it soon. The wood is about four times the cost of cherry, but I think it would only be used on a wheel where the wood was the big star and my art takes a smaller role.  So in the end the final cost of the wheel would likely come out about the same.  If you are unfamiliar with this wood all you have to do is a Google images search for Oregon myrtle.  It is often used by turners, but I found a lot of guitars and other instruments using it as well.  It is so beautiful!  This is just an idea but it might appeal to somebody out there….?  If anyone is interested, just email me!







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  1. knitsetter permalink

    How do you think the wood would work for the red tailed hawk?

  2. I think it would be very handsome with this motif. The contrast of the colors would sort of echo the the barring on the feathers. There is such a range of color in the wood! If you decide you want to pursue it you can e-mail me and we can discuss what to do next. Thanks for looking!

  3. peacecat9 permalink

    I love Oregon Myrtle wood. I am quite sure it would make a stunning wheel! (sigh…) I once had a Drudik wheel made of Myrtle. It is gorgeous! An Olympic wheel in Myrtile will be stunning.

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