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Busy Hands Are Happy Hands

January 31, 2015


The hummingbird wheel is finally coming together.  In the last couple of days I’ve incorporated some stained glass accents that echo the colors in the paintings.  They unify the elements of the wheel and add that touch of class that only glass can do.  This side of the wheel features a ruby throat and Indian paintbrush at the top and I added a NW coast graphic bird at the lower left.


A little Rufus graces this painting and it is checking out the fireweed.  The new style speed changer is partially built and I can hardly wait to get it ready to spin.  The main thing to do next is to carve a NW coast style hummer to fit onto the handle.  That will keep me busy!


The new Foothills is spinning wheel and just needs some dressing up of details.  I am so glad that it is turning out to be a good design.  I redesigned the block that holds the flyer shaft and was able to position it closer to the big wheel.  This allows me to use a much smaller drive wheel.  This means that we can keep the speed up to at least that of the larger Timberline model.  The only art on this wheel is the little owl.  My feelings are that the Foothills will be mainly for spinners who are willing to do with less art but want easier portability. It is good to have options, I’m thinking.  Another good thing is that this smaller wheel uses the same size flyer and bobbins are in fact interchangeable between the two models.  If anyone wants more info, please email me and I’ll give you the latest report.  Thanks for your time and support!





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