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New job title : Juggler

January 20, 2015

three wheels

It’s been quite a crazy time around these parts lately and I am feeling I’m neglecting you when I don’t get a blog post done now and then.  The photo above shows a bit of what I am doing now, but there are other projects that need me as well.  The fairy wheel is getting restless for my attention after sitting for a while.  I think it got used to all my attention and needs some TLC.  Probably there is another wheel around too.  The photo above shows the new and unfinished Foothills model on the left.  I very much like the way it is turning out.  The frame on this first effort is cherry while the main wheels are eastern figured maple.  The stick of wood exiting from behind the big wheel at a 40 degree angle is the new slider assembly.  The hummingbird wheel on the right will also use this new design and I have hopes that it will result in an easier to build and (if ever the need arises) repair.  I will talk about the design details later when I can provide better photos.  The wheel in the center is almost finished and has paintings of rabbits on one side and pictures of Hudson the golden retriever on the opposite side.  This wheel is walnut and maple and is quite dramatic.  I’ll be delivering it to a spinner in Portland perhaps this coming Saturday.


The Foothills is just so cute I can’t keep my hands off of it.  In the front I put on a piece of art from a very early wheel.  It is a little carved stone owl peeking out from a wooden frame.  The wheel it was crafted for is now cut apart and of no value but the owl lives again!  I will provide more photos and info about this baby as things progress.

Just a note to everyone on my waiting list – I have not forgotten you!  I try to work seven days a week and am moving along slowly.  I get frustrated at feeling behind but I just can’t bring myself to call anything finished unless it is as good as I can make it.  If it means taking a wheel apart and re-building something, it just has to be this way.  you guys matter to me!  Thanks for your trust.







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  1. Frances Clements Fawcett permalink

    Hi Gary – I love your posts and following your creative life…and the wheels – oh my!

    I so enjoy hanging out with your daughters too – they rock! Have a happy week ahead…and remember to take some breaks! ; )

    In Delight and Gratitude,


    Frances Clements Fawcett Artist and Delight Detective website:

    studio: (206) 909-0118 email:

  2. Kat Atkinson permalink

    Gary first take a deep breath. Listen to a tired nurse. Remember if you do not take care of yourself you end up in worse shape. Take needed breaks and please remember to eat! Also take time to be with wife and family. The wheels will wait on you! We are excited but if you over work yourself we will all feel bad.
    You are doing a great job! The wheels are looking beautiful!

  3. Sally Boussios permalink

    All things worth having are worth waiting for. Not to worry, creative juices don’t flow 100% of the time.

  4. Deanna permalink

    I am so excited to be able to have one of your wheels but waiting just makes it that much more appreciated when it gets here. Take your time.

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