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Echoes of Christmas Past

December 28, 2014


Several Christmases ago I was enthused by the idea of making spinning wheels for my two daughters for Christmas.  I bought a how-to book and presented the promise of the wheels to them on Christmas morning.  Long about April I finally finished one of the wheels and it is enjoying an early retirement as my wheels have steadily evolved into much nicer machines than it could ever be.  This year, in the middle of of very hectic schedule, I had another bright idea.  On Christmas morning I presented our daughters with another promise (as the photo proves and may be used as evidence against me in court).  I will be building each of them an new Foothills model wheel to be finished in April.  In an earlier post I presented a dream of three models in our line-up with the Foothills model being the lightest and most portable.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about how to make this a reality and now I am pretty confident that i can make a wheel that looks and feels a lot like our current model but will be two thirds the size and half the weight.  The only way I can justify squeezing these wheels into my schedule is that a number of spinners have been waiting for something like this to surface.  I will post photos of all my efforts in this direction.  For those of you who have orders and are waiting, don’t think I have forgotten you!  You are my first priority and I’ll just keep plugging along.

On another note I have two poster images ready to print now and actually printed them this morning to see how they will look.  I enjoy the chance to work inside a warm house this time of the year, especially since I am enduring some kind of miserable cold or flu.

llama and ram  postersSo, that’s it from this end.  I hope you all have had a great holiday season and I wish you each the best in the coming new year.







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  1. Sally Boussios permalink

    Sounds exciting, I am anxious to see how the new wheels look.

  2. Both posters are beautiful (and probably closer to my budget than your wheels over which I drool).

  3. In reply to both comments – thank you and I’ll keep you posted. The first two wheels will be our test machines and we will learn a bunch from them. I will be using most of the mechanical components from our existing model as these are tried and proven. The posters will be going to the printer sometime soon and we will let everyone know when they are available. Thanks again! G

  4. Janet permalink

    I first learned of your new wheel on Ravelry from your daughter. It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to see the wheel design. Will you still be incorporating customers’ themes in artwork or will this be a more basic design, allowing the beauty of the wood to be the focus?

  5. Thanks for the comment, Janet. A number of spinners have wished for a lighter wheel and I’ve let the idea simmer on the back burner for a year or so. Finally I have a good way to build it. I want it to look much like the current model and feel much the same for the spinner too. The big wheels will be twelve inches in diameter rather than the fourteen inches of our regular machine. I also developed a new way to make the speed changing mechanism that I can hardly wait to make. It will be simpler and also very easy to remove in case there ever arises a need for repairs. And just yesterday I figured out a way to still include an orifice height adjustment too. I was willing to sacrifice this feature but am glad to find a way to make it work. There will always be room for some art but I think if a person wants a true art wheel, the better option is the bigger wheel. More room to play. Amy and Rebekah are already planning small ways to personalize their wheels. Thanks again and have a great day! G

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