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Ready To Test!

December 22, 2014

cherry blossom1

It is always a happy moment for me when a wheel is finally ready to show off.  After countless trips in and out of the shop, assembling and dis-assembling, and then re-assembling again, the moment arrives when I hand it over to Amy for testing.  So far everything points to a good and reliable wheel

cherry blossom2

One new thing for me was the chance to learn the smallest bit about handle wrapping in the style of the great swords and knives of Japan.  I found a source in Portland for genuine silk cord and thanks to Youtube tutorials, this is the result.  Rather than cut a slot in the handle for the cord to pass through (and thus weakening the handle), I made a hood from walnut and covered the glued end of the cord with this.  It is held into place with cherry pegs.  Another nice thing about this project is that it is going to a local spinner!  No crate to build and the chance to see this wheel again from time to time.  Now, on to my granddaughter’s toy chest!








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  1. Yulia permalink

    Looks fantastic!

    • Thanks Yulia,
      Its always interesting to see what happens when I apply a lot of elbow grease to a bunch of wood!

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