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A New Wheel Comes Together

December 15, 2014

cherry blossom1

This wheel is for a spinner of Japanese heritage and requested that I keep the wheel simple and yet incorporate two art touches that reflect her family.The cherry blossom is the Sato Mon, or family crest, and I created epoxy medallions for the center of each hub with this design.  I finished them to look like bronze.  Since the cherry blossom is an important symbol for the family, I built the wheel itself from cherry.  No brainer here as cherry is my favorite wood anyway!  To add a bit of interest, the accents will be walnut.  You can see this in the temporarily placed footman rod and also the orifice height adjustment knob on the front leg of the wheel.  There is a section of the handle that I have rounded down from the basic rectangular shape of this upper assembly.  I am ordering some black silk cord from a supplier in Portland and will do my best to replicate the way sword and knife handles were traditionally finished in Japan.  On instruments that required a lot of wear and tear the handle are was first covered with stingray skin, which because of its rough texture kept the cord from slipping.  Since this wheel will not be wielded in combat, I will forgo the stingray skin.

cherry blossom2

In this photo you can see a small plaque affixed to the frame of the wheel.  The family motto is written there for the spinner to see every time she spins.  It has been a joy to build this special wheel and let the simplified lines and the wood itself carry the main weight of the endeavor.  Enjoy!








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