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Projects, projects!

December 12, 2014


I’m not complaining mind you, but boy have I been busy lately!  For a while I was going along in a tidy way working on one wheel and finishing it before getting too serious with the next one.  My schedule has been thrown way off and its no one’s fault.  One spinner who ordered the fairy wheel wants some changes made and more time to think.  The spinner who will get the Lord of the Rings wheel has been in the hospital so I’ve slowed down on working on that one.  Another spinner who was waiting for some reference material from Japan (and has technically been at the beginning of my work list for a year) has come forth with the material we needed so I am working on that wheel.  And there is another one, too, but I think you get the picture!  And then it suddenly becomes imperative that I devote some of my time to Christmas presents, which I love to make. Our oldest daughter, Rebekah, realized that she actually doesn’t own any of my original paintings and would like one for Christmas.  This leads into quite a story and I hope it will not bore you.

About the time my little venture into wheel making was taking off, our gallery featuring a lot of my own paintings was dying.  The market was drying up and I had lots of company in the local art market to share my misery.  Eventually we closed the gallery and with it a thirty year career of painting.  We all took it hard even though we knew it was not really our fault.  Times change and I was so grateful that I had an exciting new job!  You all have made it possible and I absolutely love the opportunity you continue to give me.  I get to play with wood and tools, invent stuff, and still use paint from time to time.   So,  when Rebekah requested a painting, it was kind of like going backward into a chapter of my life I wasn’t really missing.  What to do…..?   After a week of pondering the situation, we all came up with a plan.  Maxine had discovered vintage posters on line and has been wanting me to try my hand at this sort of work.  Sounded good but how to market.  No more gallery.  She asked Amy if she thought Rebekah would like a painting in this style.  A big yes from Amy.  I got the message but what to paint?  Heck, I am now a fiber guy who likes to hang around spinners and sheep!  So I thought of combining my painting experience with my new love and in addition to Rebekah’s painting, find a way to market this sort of art to my spinning and fiber friends.

So while I have been building wheels and waiting for glue to dry, I have been developing the first in a series of art pieces.  Eventually I will have a product with several levels for each image.  There will always be an original painting custom framed by me.  There will also be a limited edition made from each image.  And there will be a poster available from each painting too. These we can sell at the various spinning events we attend as well as perhaps selling them through fiber shops that are interested in carrying them.  And who knows…cards?  Calendars?

For the first image I wanted to paint a llama, as I just can’t get enough of these guys.  I have started backwards by beginning with the poster.  I have such a wonderful tool available to me called Photoshop.  With it I can test this or that and discard, copy, and modify in a fraction of the time I could by starting with paint.  This is especially true with graphic work like the posters will require (and text!) The photo at the top of this post gives you an idea of  where I’m headed.  The next image will be an Icelandic ram followed by perhaps an Angora goat, a rabbit, a yak, who knows where it can go!  I just want it to be a pleasure for us all.  Please feel free to offer comments or advice as I am doing this for spinners and weavers and all other fiber folk. I think a little collection of posters celebrating the critters we love could be a way to brighten any fiber studio. Thoughts?






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  1. Sbou permalink

    Sounds like a lovely way to mix your crafting loves!

  2. I love this plan. I can’t wait to what you create. Laurie

  3. peacecat9 permalink

    Love this idea – and I look forward to seeing your creations!

  4. Tagati permalink

    Luv the idea of a fiber animals poster!

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