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Rabbit’s New Home

November 20, 2014


Sometimes in my crazy way of making spinning wheels, I have to wear some pretty interesting hats.  Karen bought her rabbit wheel quite a while ago and it has been her faithful companion both in her home and on the road when she travels to spinning events in our part of the world.  I think this little rabbit has been through a lot and we decided it needed an upgrade rather than just a tune up.  I could have just gone through it and tightened and greased things, but Karen noticed the new and improved features on the recent wheels.  So, I have been working the past few days on this project.  The wheel was stripped down to bare components, and I am salvaging everything I can.  Most important is the little bunny.  I carefully cut it off the wheel and nestled it in a warm towel.  Today, after having completely remodeling the frame, I re-attached the bunny to its new wheel.  I used a liberal amount of slow-curing epoxy for this and after I finished I stood back to admire the results.  That little fellow with its bandages looked just like it had come from the vet.  The little eyes were so expressive and trusting I was actually surprised, and then again I wasn’t really.  Every critter I have made seems to take on a personality very quickly and this is so much fun to see.  So today I was a surgeon and a veterinarian as well as a wheel maker.  I turned our little bunny the other way around  on the wheel this time too so instead of facing away from Karen as she spins, it will be watching her every little move.  I will sleep easy tonight  (after I make my rounds and check on the patient a few times!)









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One Comment
  1. Karen permalink

    Can hardly wait till little bunny returns home.

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