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Dragon Family Portrait

November 15, 2014


A lot has developed since a surprised block of wood stared at me in the shop.  Since then she has turned into quite a lady with lots of things to attend to.  She attempts to carry on a meaningful conversation with those who see her, she is in charge of guarding the fairies and whatever other occupants the wheel might become home for, and that little young one sleeping so innocently on her back can get rowdy when he wakes up.  Yes, she’s a busy lady.  I was busy too trying to develop a way to give her secure footing on a curved surface that must double as a handle.

fairy and dragon 2

This photo gives an idea of scale and position.  You might note that the footman rod has a dragon wing carved and painted into it to carry this theme into the rest of the wheel.

fairy and dragon 1

From this view you can see the unfinished treadle.  I needed to get the other elements pretty well finished before deciding on how to add art to the treadles.  Also I need to get input and approval from the spinner.  There are other things to attend to now – things that actually turn this into a spinning wheel in addition to being a sculpture.  So I will move on to the flyer and shaft assembly.  I did pick up some more pewter buttons that will cover the screw holes in the hubs.  I’ve always used wood plugs for this so I am anxious to see how a fancier approach works.  I think it will be worth the extra investment. Thanks for checking up on me.  I always appreciate the help!









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  1. Sally boussios permalink

    I love how each wheel develops such an individual personality. Just delightful!

  2. this wheel is very enchanting. I love what you are doing to it.

  3. I thank each of you for your encouragement. sometimes I feel a bit down because I hate to fall behind my promises regarding time. I can’t help it – each wheel dictates its own schedule and I can’t push it. Only my best is good enough for you guys! Thanks!

    • Sally boussios permalink

      Not to worry. Better to have something you love and you can’t force creativity.

  4. colleen permalink

    that wheel with the dragon is fantastic. I love dragons so I can just picture sitting by a stone wall in the garden and using it. great work. blessed be

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