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Advancing and Retreating in the Same Post

November 9, 2014

fairy wheel1

First let’s start with the advancing.  The fairy wheel is coming along pretty well.  The spinner, who I think wants to remain anonymous right now, requested painting of the Irish countryside.  A thatched roof cottage is across the stream beyond the stone bridge.  If you look closely you can see two tiny fairy cottages under the bridge!

fairy wheel2

On the other side is the same scene but by moonlight.  You’ll notice the fairies must be busy in the little houses too.

fairy wheel3

In the little house between the spinner’s treadles you can see that a little fairy is visiting.  She is sitting on a little stool.  sorry for the fuzzy picture.  Fairies are hard to photograph!

fairy wheel4

On the front leg of the wheel is the orifice height adjustment knob.  This time I used a pewter pin that Maxine purchased on ebay.  I felt her presence adds another dimension the the art of the wheel.  I found a large silver fork at an antique store, cut off the tines, re-bent it, and heated it with a torch to give a patina to match the pewter fairy.  Adds a touch more elegance just in case.

Now for the retreat!  Amy and I have been thinking about it and think that the weekend following OFFF might be a good time.  That would be the first weekend in October of next year.  Any thoughts?









From → Gary's Thoughts

  1. It might make it hard for those that might be traveling to OFFF. Either they would have to go back home and then, come back to the PNW; Stay for almost two weeks away from home; or choose not to go to OFFF at all. Are your thoughts to have the location of the retreat up north near where you (Gary) live?


  2. You are making some good points. We had hoped to have it at Lake Crescent Lodge. At this point though, we are open to what others suggest. Perhaps in the spring? Let’s see if other interested parties have some comments. Thanks, Annie!

  3. Thanks for sharing your creative process with us. I love to follow along and see your wheels as they take shape!

    • I thank you for the comment! I only share SOME of the creative process. The little fairy in the house is a good example. I’ve never carved a fairy before and it took just about all I had to pull it off. I came out of my studio with her in hand part way through the process and showed my wife and daughter my little Walter Matthau fairy! fortunately a lot of plastic surgery transformed her into at least a passable little fairy. I’m working on the dragons now :)

  4. sbou permalink

    On the retreat issue, I am in Portland so travel isn’t as much of an issue. I like the idea of Lake Crescent lodge, it looks beautiful and peaceful there, just my 2 cents.

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