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Time to Stretch and Grow

October 30, 2014

fairy wheel1

Yesterday Maxine and I took the wolf and raven wheel to Kent for its trip up to Anchorage by barge.  Parting with a special piece of my life is always hard, but it will find a good home with Cathy, I’m certain.  While it was in the testing stages I started a new project and these photos will give you a glimpse into a different spinner’s dream.  She love fairies and dragons and this wheel will be inhabited by both, I’m hoping.  I’ve never crafted a fairy before and it will be quite a project.  I decided to build the fairy’s house first.  It fits snugly onto the lower frame between the treadles but is easily removable.  There are three little LED lights at play here – one under the porch canopy and two will be affixed in final position after the fairy takes up residence.

fairy wheel2

The house itself springs from an object my wife found at a yard sale weeks ago.  It is a brass cuff and when I saw it I immediately saw its potential for the roof on the little cottage.  I pried it open to the right degree and built the house under it.  The canopy is designed to look like a flower blossom.  The windows are stained glass.  The door is not made yet as my craftiness has not kept up with my ideas.  I also accidentally found a small bag of brass decorative tacks.  They surface in my shop every few years and then go back into hibernation.  This time I was ready!  There are four caps around each window and more on the back of the house.  Behind the house closer to the big wheels is a small shed addition.  This houses the switch and battery and who knows what else.  So far I am really pleased with the progress. When my older daughter Rebekah saw it she told me that this is just the kind of thing she would love to have had as a little girl.  She and her brother would have put little Lego people in there!









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  1. Very fantasytastic!

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