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Lesson From the Flyer

October 13, 2014


Off and on during the day I will come in from the shop and check my mail and see what’s new.  First I brush myself off and be sure I’m not tracking in a lot of wood chips or possibly paint on a shoe.  Yesterday I found a wonderful letter waiting for me. It was from  Cathy, who will be the new owner of the raven/wolf wheel.  I didn’t realize how knowledgeable she is and how much experience she has had with some very fine custom wheels.  She gave me a partial list of her wheel makers and I was very impressed.  So, after basking in the glow of her enthusiasm and eagerness for this new wheel, I went plodding back to the shop for another sanding session.  Somehow my little achievements in woodwork seemed a bit smaller than ever.  A good dose of perspective.  As I sanded I began to realize that my passion is not be be known as the best wheelmaker in the world or even to make perfect wheels.  The thing that most motivates me is the opportunity to use what tools, experience, and skill I have to craft something someone else will treasure.  After working through a project like Cathy’s and enjoying the sense of teamwork, we come up with something unique in the world.  Of course there are probably little rough spots I’ve missed or things I’ll do differently next time. These, if noticed at all, become like my fingerprints that I think only add to sense of this being a hand made object.  And then I find comfort in the fact that a coat or two of varnish diminishes my mistakes and brings out the great warmth and beauty of the wood.  The wood begins to live and shine!  Perhaps I’m being a bit indulgent with a post like this but maybe you can think of it as a kind of soap opera – “As the Wheel Turns…”  Stay tuned for more episodes.  Maybe about the trials of making bobbins.  Oh the pain I’ve known!







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  1. sbou permalink

    Love the musings, keep it up!

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