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Almost Done!

October 11, 2014

raven and wolfl1

We got a small break in our gray and wet weather so I decided to make the most of it and take some shots of the new wheel.  It is not quite finished, but the little that remains can be done in the next couple of days.  I borrowed Amy’s flyer and bobbin for today.  Cathy wants a flyer with my older style orifice.

raven and wolfl2

One thing that might go unnoticed is that the scotch tension knob, speed adjustment knob, and orifice height adjustment knob all have abalone inlays.

raven and wolf detail2

In the center of each hub I sculpted little medallions from epoxy.  One one side is the sun in gold tones while the other side is a sleepy moon in more silver tones.  The caps that cover the top end of the footman rods still have to be made.

raven and wolf detail1

I solved the open beak of the raven in a good way, I think.  I do thank those who helped out.  I just had already finished before I read the comments!  The raven is holding a small plaque of padouk upon which is glued a very handsome free form and polished chunk of abalone.  While it does not exactly represent the traditional sun disc, it does represent a gift offered to the spinner – a little treasure of unknown purpose but thoughtfully given.  The right side of this photo shows a close up of the orifice adjustment assembly.  After experimenting with several more complicated methods I have gone back to the tried and true- a simple pin that plugs into a matching hole.  Now we get to touch up little spots and begin the testing.  I like this wheel!






  1. Sbou permalink

    Another beautiful wheel! The creativity surely shines even if the sun doesn’t!!

  2. Jennifer Nightingale permalink

    Do you ever sleep Gary?

  3. peacecat9 permalink

    I am so excited to receive my wheel…counting days! Thank you for the beautiful craftsmanship. So much hard work and creativity. I love it!

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