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Wolf and Raven Wheel Update

October 8, 2014

raven and wolf wheel

In between trips out to make the most of our wonderful and unexpectedly warm weather I have been working on Cathy’s new wheel.  Most of the major components are made, so I just temporarily put things together for this photo.  I am happy that the dark painted frame and critter heads work well against the natural wood.  The brown spots on the hub are just Photoshopped covers so the screw holes aren’t distracting.  They will turn into walnut plugs on the real wheel.  I’m thinking of making the various knobs from walnut as well and insetting a little abalone disc into each one.  That will add a touch of color to the simple albeit dramatic tones of the wheel.  The raven is removable in the same way the mermaid was on my last wheel.  I will use this technique whenever possible because there are no magnets, screws or other ways to hold things together.  Simple is good!  The raven’s beak is open and I am debating what to put there.  A sun disc would be the regular option but the beak is open too wide for a horizontal disc and too narrow for a disc on edge.  I may find a pretty stone or bead and put it there.  Rebekah feels the need for it to be red.  Any thoughts?  The empty circle of wood in the center of the hub (matched by one on the other side too)  will likely be the home of a sun design .  The moon will go on the opposite side.  I think that is what Cathy suggested back many emails ago.  So that’s the latest from my dusty shop.  Hope you like it!






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  1. peacecat9 permalink

    Stunning!! I like the idea of using walnut and some additional abalone. It’s beautiful, Gary. It’s really sophisticated with the light and dark woods. I can’t wait to see what you find for Raven to hold in his beak! Red is good – or perhaps the world itself. Raven is, after all, a creator…

  2. glad you approve Cathy! I am working on a little something for the raven already. I think you’ll like it!

  3. Michelle permalink

    I love it! I think I like this better than any of the colorful painted wheels of yours I’ve seen. You are a fount of creativity!

  4. Kate Tegtmeier permalink

    I greatly admire your talent and skill. I am a lover of wood and would love to see it in maple and walnut. Or an interesting Birdseye maple wheel with maple would be gorgeous. Let the wood nymphs come out to play.

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