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October 7, 2014


In a previous post I put forth an idea.  The prospect of enjoying the company of some of you spinners at the Lake Crescent Lodge seemed so good.  I could just imagine what a great place this would be for such a gathering.  Within the next few days, although the idea still is enticing, I began to understand the great logistical and financial considerations.  Perhaps I was a bit impulsive,  but I think it is better to say that I just enjoy you guys and savor opportunities to spend time together.  I learn so much from you!   Also this place is so special, I just felt the great desire to share it with people who could appreciate it as much as I do.  Several of you indicated an enthusiastic response and desire to come.  If you are still interested please email me and we can begin to do a bit of serious planning.

One thing someone here suggested is that we hold the event somewhere cheaper and more convenient  for travel and shopping.  Classes were also mentioned.  This sounds good, but I would let others plan and bring that to fruition.  I wasn’t envisioning this as a learning about spinning thing.  In the first place, I don’t even spin!  I believe that every one of you knows what you need to know to make your spinning efforts rewarding and beautiful.  I guess my idea of a retreat is simply that – a chance to distance yourself from the fast-paced routines of modern life and relish the beauty of a special place with special people.  If this is a bit too much too soon, I can always suggest it again down the road.  Thanks for at least humoring this old wheelmaker and I will get back to making saw dust.





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  1. peacecat9 permalink

    I think we have plenty of learning and shopping opportunities. If this retreat is envisioned as a gathering of folks who would like to spin and relax, hike, and socialize…then I am IN. Keep me in the loop!

  2. Thanks Cathy,
    I will email you details as they come up. There are so many possibilities and options to think about.

  3. Jennifer Nightingale permalink

    My thoughts exactly Gary. There are numerous opportunities for learning and shopping throughout the Northwest all year long. A simple gathering of people in a beautiful place sounds like heaven. Remote sounds great to me. I’m thinking serene haven not classes and marketplace.

  4. Thanks Jennifer,
    Hopefully you will be able to collect your new wheel soon. I know its in good hands with Laurie though. I’ll email you with more thoughts regarding time etc. feel free to offer all the suggestions you can! Gary

  5. Jan permalink

    When you first mentioned this I thought ‘how relaxing’. I would have no need of classes. I just envision the peacefulness of sitting by the lake, hearing the crickets, the birds chirping, and smelling the fresh outdoors with others of like-mind. Your idea is a great one even if I can’t be there. I think you should go ahead with it even if you only have a few people attending. Tell us all how it went and maybe as more people receive your wheels, you’ll have even greater numbers chomping at the bit wanting to get together again next year.

  6. Thanks Jan,
    We’ve been to the lodge dozens of times and I’ve loved it every time in every season. But I’ve never been there first thing in the morning to watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee. And I’ve never been there on a moonlit night to savor the light and shadows from the great trees. I’d love to put on a warm jacket, grab a blanket, and settle down in one of those Adirondack chairs by the edge of the lake for a while long after the sun has set. And then go seek the comforting heat of that great big stone fire[place!

  7. sbou permalink

    I was envisioning the same thing as you Gary, a quiet peaceful retreat being able to sit and spin if we want to, sit and visit with other like minded people, or take a quiet walk along the lake by yourself. For myself who has a wheel on the list, not in the hand, I would like a fall retreat next year after school starts, to catch the glorious late weather and not the “crowds”. I think location is crucial to a retreat, and this one looks perfect. For me the cost isn’t the most important thing, it looks like what you would expect to pay for a retreat. Perhaps we can have people share rooms, looks like they have rooms with 2 queen beds so it wouldn’t be hard to share if people wanted to keep the costs down. I am not at all interested in shopping. There are more than enough places to shop, not that many that provide peace and tranquility. Maybe there will only be 4 people who can share their time in such a special place. It doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

  8. Thanks for the input. I’m glad you checked out the website to get an idea of costs and options. I think it is reasonable considering the limited space and spectacular setting. One thing I found is that you can make a reservation now and they will take one night’s stay as your deposit. If you decide to cancel you get back all but $25 if you give them 72 hours notice. Sounds pretty fair. There is a lot of places to walk in this area. A trail through the woods goes to a beautiful falls – Marymere Falls. I’ve painted it as well as the lodge many times. Also trails along the lake, boats and canoes to rent, and swimming if you are feeling particularly hardy!

    • sbou permalink

      I am not sure what time frame you are thinking about, I think it is a bit too late for this year and they don’t have reservations available for next year posted on their website yet. But I don’t think it is too early to begin planning for next year especially if people would be coming from out of the area.

  9. We went to the lodge a couple of days ago and they can only take reservations up to a year out but no farther off than that. We were thinking of about this time or a bit earlier next year. That should give people time to think over ideas. One of the big things to figure out is how many days for the retreat and if it would fall on weekdays (cheaper) or over a weekend (more expensive and probably more demand.). also need to work around other existing events.

    • Emma permalink

      Please keep me posted! If it is a year or so away, I might have a chance of making it :)

  10. I hope it works for you. I’ll keep you in the loop.

  11. Sandy permalink

    The idea of a peaceful retreat in a beautiful spot where we can relax, spin and enjoy each others company sounds wonderful. Also, the beautiful wheels together in one place would be such delicious eye candy.

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