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An Idea for Consideration

October 2, 2014


As a sort of  last hurrah before our rainy and cold season, we took a day trip out to Lake Crescent. This beautiful crystal clear lake forms  the northern border of Olympic National Park.  Along the south shore is a wonderful old lodge along with its string of cabins.  Leaving the highway that hugs the edge of the lake you drive slowly through the huge fir and maple trees, and by the time the lodge appears you have entered another world.  In the summer it is a favorite place for kids of all ages and you can watch the canoes, kayak,and swimmers go by as you sit in one of the Adirondack chairs by the lodge.  If you have more time there is a waterfall to visit as well as other hikes  through the forest.   This first photo shows the path that leads to the front porch of this old classic building.  The bright spot at the right is sunlight glinting off the lake.


Entering the lodge you might be tempted to stop and enjoy a moment on this porch.  I thought, what a great a place this would be for some of my spinning friends.


Running along the water side of the lodge is a glassed in sun porch.  On warm days the windows are open to let the sound of the lake and the breezes to enter. Even though Amy, Maxine, and I were not hungry, we couldn’t resist ordering a side of french fries to split.  This justified our lingering on the porch and I can almost bet you these are some of the best fries in the world.  Amy is either waiting for the order to arrive or thinking how nice a place this would be to spin…. (hint)


This view is looking out from the sun porch and you can see a ring of lawn chairs just begging to be used by a group of spinners…. (another hint)


After lingering in the lodge we strolled around the grounds.  This is never complete without a walk along the shore.  It was a blustery yet mild day.  This is Maxine and Amy walking together.  I am so lucky to have both of them in my life!

Now!  As I previewed these photos later at home an idea suddenly entered my  head.  Wouldn’t this be an ideal place for an Olympic Spinning Wheel retreat?  The cabins are cozy, the lodge often has a big fire in the stone fireplace, and there is plenty of room for spinning.  The lodge has a wonderful dining room.  Every time I’ve eaten there I was more than delighted with the food.  If any of you spinners or Olympic Wheel owners are interested, here are a few more thoughts:

Amy and I would be delighted to facilitate the logistics of the trip for you.  We would both be there the entire time.  How could we possibly not be?  I would try to have several extra wheels made to use as loaners for those who wanted to attend but couldn’t bring their own wheel.  I would try to rent a large van and provide a half day trip up to Hurricane Ridge if spinners wanted to go.  I would also make couple free bobbins for each spinner in attendance.  That’s one way to get more bobbins!  Amy will be posting a couple videos to our Facebook site and you might want to see them.  They will give you more of a feel for what the place is really like.  Also here is a link you might want to visit:

We have never done anything like this before, so if you have helpful ideas, feel free to pass them on.  Whenever I have the chance to be around “my spinners” I feel so very fortunate and privileged for the time.  This could be best yet.  What do you think?








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  1. sbou permalink

    I love the idea! It looks beautiful and relaxing! If my wheel isn’t done yet, I could always bring my old boring wheel. There isn’t a particular time that would be better than another. During winter would be nice to be cozy inside and watch the weather, but summer might be good so we can take the wheels outside.

    • We were actually thinking of about this time next year. The reason is that the lodge is always booked up long in advance. Also the summer is hectic with so many families enjoying the area. We need to be certain it doesn’t conflict with other fiber events too. The lodge closes the first day of January for a few months too. Thanks for commenting and who knows – we might just be able to pull it off!

  2. Jennifer Nightingale permalink

    Count me in!!!!!!

    • Thanks Jennifer! Its just an idea of course, but it is fun to think about. We love to share our favorite place with others. We;ll see how other spinners respond.

  3. HUGHES1681 permalink

    Sounds wonderful do it after I get a wheel please ha ha ha

  4. peacecat9 permalink

    I am in, wholeheartedly! I love the lodge, the lake, the hiking…and it looks like a great place for a spinners’ retreat!!!!

  5. Jan permalink

    If I lived in the northwest instead of the southeast, I’d be there in a heartbeat. But it’s a long drive from Georgia so it’s unlikely we would attend, as much as I’d love to. But who knows. If I have some time to think about it and work things out, maybe it will work. It looks like a lovely retreat and a chance to spin with other lovers of Olympic wheels. But I don’t know what I’d do with my husband. :)He’s not exactly a spinner….or fisherman, or any of those outdoorsy sports.

  6. Sandy permalink

    A gorgeous resort, a chance to spend time with Gary and family as well as other Olympic spinners and to see some of the wheels in person- fantastic idea! I will be there!

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