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Sneaking in a new project before OFFF

September 24, 2014

wolf 1

wolf 2

I have a lot of odds and ends to attend to before we leave on Friday to attend OFFF, but I couldn’t resist the chance to start a new wheel and bring it along for show and tell.  This one is for Cathy in Alaska and she chose to have me make a wheel featuring a wolf and raven in NW coast style.  The thing that sets this project apart from the others is that she has given me free rein to make it the way I want.  She actually is happy not to have to make a lot of decisions!  Consequently I will do my very best to give her the wheel of her dreams – even if she doesn’t have a clear picture of exactly what she wants.  With two critters afoot on this wheel, there has to be some creative adjusting of space.  After all, either of  these guys would gladly be the star and hog all the good spots!  The mermaid wheel I just finished kind of opened up a new option for me so where the stained glass art was on the mermaid, I have put the wolf.  His eyes are abalone and in order to keep him in balance with the raven, he is a black wolf.  My plan is to make the big wheels and the treadles from a natural finished cherry.  It should really pop against the dark frame.  On the big wheels will be painted designs of the wolf and raven.  There will be more abalone of course, and I think the knobs will either be a very light toned  hard maple or padouk – that wonderful rich red wood.  I of course will not squander this trust and forge ahead with no regard to Cathy.  She will get to approve every step along this journey,  and anyone out there can feel free to offer design help as well.  I very much appreciate your comments.   One note to Laurie Weinsoft, who will be teaching at OFFF with her sidekicks Rudy and Cecile: make sure Rudy behaves himself around the new wolf!





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  1. peacecat9 permalink

    Oh, my…GOSH!!! I love it love it love it. Wow!!!

  2. Funny because Rudy wanted to know when his brother was coming to live with us. Cecile however pointed out that he has enough competition for my attention as it is. The wheel is beautiful of course.

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