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The little mermaid is ready for spinning…or swimmming

September 20, 2014


Maxine and I took the new mermaid wheel out to Fort Worden for a photo shoot this afternoon.  She went to look for agates while I enjoyed a chance to place this wheel in an appropriate setting.  There are no tide pools in this area, but the beach is still one of our favorite places.  The seagulls in the distance were watching warily.



Jennifer chose to have me build a delta flyer with sliders.  Amy hasn’t tested it yet but to my untrained feet it seems to be working very well!  The mermaid and its water are painted with interference colors which shift a lot depending on the light.

Mermaid4I like the way our little lady of the sea turned out.  Also, in the center of the hub, you can see a little bronze crab guarding his shell.  Here’s an  interesting side note: When we were driving along the shoreline going to our spot near the lighthouse, I saw a huge dark shape rear out of the water, roll, and descend into the depths.  It came up once again a hundred yards farther down the beach.  I don’t know what it was.  It was way too large for an otter or a seal or even a sea lion.  We saw an elephant seal once in this place many years ago and it was so surprising and huge it was almost scary.  If I’d been in a kayak I would have headed to the beach!  Maybe that is what we saw today. Or perhaps someone knew we were bringing a mermaid to the beach and wanted a closer look. . . .hmmm


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  1. Jan permalink

    what a beauty. The paint just sparkles.

  2. Karen permalink

    Gary, I can’t tell you how much I look forward to and enjoy the presentations that you give each time a new wheel (aka work of art) is unveiled. The wheels are so beautiful that, like the Sirens, they entice me to take up yet another hobby which at my age, sadly, I must resist.
    But then there is also the verbal picture that you paint. I loved hearing about the water creature and imagining what the seagulls might have been thinking. You are doing so much more than creating beautiful tools. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Karen and Jan, Thank you both for the kind words. It means a lot to me to know that what I make can resonate with others for their own reasons. I sometimes think I am getting a little too proud by putting up blog posts regularly. But I am happy to share my little projects with good folks like you!

  3. peacecat9 permalink

    I love all the blog posts!!! The photos are incredible, and the stories you share about your inspiration and progress are wonderful.

  4. sbou permalink

    Please keep the log posts coming, your creations are inspirational!

  5. That wheel is a work of art in itself. I can just imagine what wondrous things can be spun on it! Lucky you!

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