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2014 Fiber Farms Tour

September 15, 2014

Farm tour1

It has become a tradition for me and at least one daughter to spend two delightful days at Compass Rose Farm near Discovery Bay during the Olympic Peninsula Fiber Farms Tour.  It is a great time as there are none of my tools to beckon me to work, so I get to relax, talk to interesting people, and savor the farm atmosphere.  This year Amy was my partner.  Pictured above is the new produce stand made by the interns who help out on the farm and learn a lot in the process. We met several of these wonderful young people and enjoyed  listening to them tell a bit about what this experience has meant to them.

Farm tour2

Another new addition this year is a cozy area behind the farmhouse where the fiber activities are staged. If you look carefully you can see Amy spinning on her new wheel while another lady, Arlene, is knitting behind her.  In the foreground Wendy is cleaning a friendly pelt, which I learned means these sheep were rooed rather than clipped, which is less stressful to the sheep.  In the background are tables with a lot of the farm’s fiber for sale.  People who purchased these products were able to go meet the animals who produce it.

Farm tour3

One of the  opportunities on the farm is for people to learn a bit about forges and iron.  While this young lady is not my stereotypical smith, she knew more about this craft than I do!  Beyond the forge is the holding area for the Icelandic sheep.

Farm tour4

Here Kateen is introducing a family to the sheep.  Those critters were really warm today as we were enjoying temps in the mid 70s.

Farm tour5

One very welcome perk for being vendors was the chance to share a bowl of chili and cornbread with the farm staff.  The outdoor summer kitchen was a lot of fun and the food it helped produce was fabulous!

Farm tour6

Robert, the patriarch of the farm, was delighted this morning to show us his latest discovery – sheep eggs!  I will be anxious to see if they hatch!

Farm tour7

Two days of farm activities was such a wonderful break from our daily routine.  This place requires a huge commitment of time, tons of hard work, and  lots of thought and care.  I thank the farmers and their helpers for so generously sharing their world with us.  I look forward to next year already!





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  1. Karen permalink

    Do I see a familiar wheel in the first picture? What a great adventure and learning experience and it looks like the weather was perfect. Now really! Tell us about the sheep “eggs”. :0)

  2. HUGHES1681 permalink

    Wonderful wish I was there with you.

  3. Janet permalink

    that looks like such fun. The weather is perfect.

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