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Progress on the Mermaid

September 12, 2014

mermaid wheel2


mermaid wheel1

I’ve had a lot of productive hours in the shop lately.  This wheel is about eighty percent finished and it is a thrill for me to see all the bits and pieces come together and begin to function as a team.  Jennifer loves tide pools, so I have painted a pool on each big wheel.  A little work remains on the painting, and I am waiting for Jennifer’s approval before I finish up.  The mermaid assembly is easily removable by simply lifting it off the handle.  It is carved from wood and finished to look like cast metal.  Each of the hubs has a little bronze crab guarding a shell fragment that Jennifer sent me from her stash.  They really go well with the glass.  The knob sitting on the lower treadle is walnut and has a bronze starfish epoxied to it.  It will secure the speed changing assembly when it is ready to install.  Now on to the footman rods and we can she how it treadles!


From → Gary's Thoughts

  1. Oh Gary she is lovely! Just beautiful.

  2. Beautiful work as always. I got to play with the phonix wheel last night. Very lovely as well.

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