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A Few Days’ Hard Work!

September 4, 2014

Jennifer frame2

Jennifer frame1

I’ve had a pretty productive time in the shop these past days.  It’s fun to jump from one project to another.  I’m working on finishing Amy’s raven, making bobbins a new way, and then there is this tide pool wheel with that beautiful glass.  I photographed it in the sweet evening light and everything looks a bit yellower than it really will be.  Cherry has a way of deepening in color and looking more red as it gets exposure to the sun.  It will mellow and enhance the glass just about right.  Another contrast to the cherry is the bit of walnut used as a foot on the front leg.  I will use more walnut in strategic places later on.  I couldn’t resist inlaying a glass jewel into the foot on each side  too.  It’s an easy and nice way to carry the glass theme a bit farther.  Now I’ve got to make the big wheels and treadles.



  1. Jennifer permalink

    Jewels in the foot….sigh. it’s those extra touches that make your wheels so special :)

  2. Michelle permalink

    Love the glass and the simple elegance of this wheel. I’ll have to remember this one if I ever get to order my own.

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