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Shifting Gears a Bit

September 1, 2014

jennifer glass

I worked on Jennifer’s  frame last evening and tried to follow the guidelines she suggested.  She wants a mermaid wheel with a lot to do with tide pools. As usual, a wheel begins to take on its own life and this couldn’t be clearer than those moments in the shop when I started to look for glass.  I hoped I could find in my fairly substantial stash of stained glass pieces that would reflect Jennifer’s taste.  The very first piece I pulled out was absolutely just right!  I immediately threw out my plan of soldering a number of pieces together because it just couldn’t get any better than this!  It has a beautiful water ripple effect on both sides (a bonus as most stained glass has one pretty smooth side) and a great mix of blues and greens.  The photo shows it inset into the middle layers of the frame.  Over this wood will go a layer of 9/16″ cherry on each side to achieve the necessary final thickness. The wood looks bland now as it is roughly sanded and has no finish.  But the warm finished tones of the cherry will really set this glass off like a jewel.  This is a lot of fun!





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