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Amy’s Raven is coming along!

August 30, 2014

rw1 rw2

It’s been a productive week in the shop and I am very happy with the way Amy’s wheel is turning out.  It is not the most elaborate wheel I’ve made but it is among the most elegant.  The lines are graceful and are accentuated by the rich walnut.  The raven, carved just about life size, is making one of his crazy noises I’m sure, judging by that glint in his eye and the open beak.  The paintings are both views from Hurricane Ridge.  The top photo shows a scene from a trail looking off toward Port Townsend, which is about 5200 ft. lower and sixty miles away.   The lower photo is looking into the Olympic Mountains from the same area and showcases some of the abundant wildflowers that cover the hillsides.  On an earlier visit when I photographed this raven, he had just stolen an entire sandwich from someone and was literally running and hopping away with it!  I took one photo of him from the back side with the sandwich in his beak!  After a few hops his sandwich fell apart and he had to figure out how to take the entire thing away one slice of bread at a time.  As Amy would say, “clever bird!”

  1. Janet permalink

    That raven looks like he’s about to emerge from the wheel…. so life-like. And I just love the mixed woods. they add such elegance.

  2. Thanks Janet, Sometimes the wood becomes a big player and the art has to share the stage. The raven is getting all the attention he can though!

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