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New wheels to make

August 25, 2014

Amys wheel

This is going to be a busy month or two for me as I have begun work on a number of new wheels.  The one pictured above is the start of Amy’s new wheel.  Hers must take top priority as we will be going to OFFF in a few weeks as well as representing our wheels at a local farm tour coming up even sooner. And we have no wheels!  Since Amy has had the chance to test all my wheels, she has developed a pretty good idea of what she wants in this one.  A simple light frame made from Peruvian Walnut  (dark and rich) with cherry for the main wheels and treadles.  She wants a wheel that reflects the Olympic Peninsula since we live here as well as having wheels that use that name.  We will have a raven as a figurehead, paintings of the Olympics on the big wheels, and likely there will be tide pools crafted into the toe end of each treadle.  It could become a very elegant wheel and one we’ll want to keep in the family. Other projects include:

A.  Jennifer in Oregon wants a wheel that reflects her love of the Oregon coast and the tide pools she finds there.  So I will use the concept of treadle pools as on Amy’s wheel for hers too.  She also wants a mermaid…..This will require a bit of thought!

B.  Cathy wants an northwest coast design style wheel with a wolf and a raven.  Lots of room for lots of things here!  I need to start sketching today.

C.  Annie likes fairies and Ireland.  So I’ve begun doing my little research on fairy houses and habits.  This could actually be a very interesting and fun project as I like making little houses with lights.  More sketching!

So I guess I’d better get off this computer and head to the shop.  Wish me luck!




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  1. Can’t wait to see my name on the list.

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