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The phoenix is finished!

August 16, 2014

phoenix finished

I have really enjoyed building wheels full time again and it is very satisfying to have this one come together so nicely.  Most of the time when I finish a wheel I bring it to Amy to test with a certain expectation of some little thing or other needing adjustment.  Even Amy’s very sensitive ears couldn’t locate an obnoxious noise and everything was smooth as silk!  I took it out for a final photo session and decided this shot was how I want to remember the wheel.  You might notice that the flyer is different than any other I have made.  Jain requested a delta orifice and I was curious to see how it would work.  Amy found it to be a pleasure to use and we will probably offer it as an option to any customer who wants one.  The nice thing is that no orifice hook is required and orifice size is not an issue either.  Simplicity is a good thing!

Tomorrow  Maxine and I will drive to Portland with this new wheel and deliver it to Jain.  It makes for a long day of driving but it is good to deliver a wheel personally when possible.  Thanks for sharing this journey of creating with me.










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  1. Janet permalink

    it’s a beautiful wheel. The head on the phoenix is so life-like.

  2. Crystal Ziemann permalink

    Hi G, Cool wheel. Like the contrast in the wheel . . . Really makes the Phoenix stand out. Interesting on the flyer. I never heard of this kind. Congrats . . . CZ

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  3. Jerry Love permalink

    Beautiful! Do you have a web page? Can we see your process of building your wheels?

    • Hi Jerry, The best way to see my process is to check my blog from time to time. I will be posting photos of an unfinishedcwheel very soon!

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