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The super sleuth wheel begins to come together

August 7, 2014

sleuth wheel1

sleuth wheel2

As you can see the rumored sleuth wheel has begun to come together, although much remains to be finished.  The top photo shows the basic shape of everything.  The paintings on the big wheels are famous detectives.  On the left wheel we have Hercule Poirot and Inspector Clouseau  both with magnifying glass in hand.  On the right wheel is a newer version of Sherlock Holmes (which I haven’t actually watched yet)  and the always thinking Lt. Columbo.  Though not seen yet will be pink panther tracks going across the wheels and across the treadles as well.  The second  photo explains the tracks:

Janet has a miniature Dachshund and a cat named Emma.  Our dog, in disguise as Clouseau (complete with fake mustache) , is honing her skills in panther catching.  Below her the cat is resting after a busy time painting tracks around the wheel.  The paint can near her actually is the housing for the switch that turns on two lights.  A push down turns the lights on or off.  One is the dog’s reading light and the other is lighting the cat.  Believe me this took a lot of engineering!  This whole cat/dog assembly easily removes for travel and can stand alone as a little sculpture as well as being attached to the wheel.  The battery for the lights is located in a compartment directly below the cat.

Colors need to be adjusted and the detectives still need a bit of fine tuning but the wheel is coming together pretty well.  We should be able to test it in just a couple of days!





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