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Our Phoenix is Rising!

August 6, 2014

Phoenix wheel1

Though this wheel still has a good way to go, it is far enough along to show everyone some progress. Today I painted the phoenix design on the big wheels.  Jain had suggested other ideas (which were good ) but the wheel suggested another route and it is usually good to listen to the wood.  Since the phoenix is a symbol for resurrection from death and often in legend is a cycle of this process, I thought that a depiction of a phoenix and flames rotating endlessly would be a good way to represent this. The art is not finished yet and the colors are made from iridescent powders mixed into varnish so the next photos you see will probably look different than this one.  Its just the way it goes.

Phoenix wheel2


The block of wood has been transformed into an elegant bird and I decided to keep the back especially pretty graphic rather than realistic.  This way I can focus on design and strength better than if I wanted  to fool you into thinking this was a stuffed bird.  This bird can easily be removed from the wheel’s  frame by simply lifting it out if its socket.  Below the bird on the grass you can see one of the treadles and a colorful footman rod.  Jain likes color!

Phoenix wheel3

Even though realism wasn’t too much a priority, the eyes often make or break a critter.  This one has the look of life and I am happy about it!  The beak is actually painted in gold though the photo doesn’t make this clear.  So there it is ready for tomorrow’s efforts.  If a phoenix is not your cup of tea, relax – dogs, cats, and detectives are coming your way soon!






  1. Janet permalink

    this is beautiful, Gary. I especially like the birds’ head and eyes with that piercing stare. And that wood is rich and wonderful color. Cherry, I’d guess.

  2. Jain is going to love it. I look for ward to seeing it live.

  3. A total work of art! Brilliant!

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