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New Wheels and Drywall Dust

July 10, 2014




Believe it or not I have not fled the country or gone on permanent vacation!  Things have been busier than normal in my world for a couple of reasons.  The first is I am trying to change my working habits and actually build two wheels at the same time.  The idea is that setting up tools to do a task takes a lot of time and using this time to produce parts for two wheels save setting things up twice.  Also while glue or finish is drying on one wheel I can be working on the other one.  I think this will work but I have to re-think the blog posts.  I do plan to post updates more often than I have lately.

The other thing that has greatly affected my life is something that started out as a simple little remodel job for a friend.  She is starting a flotation tank business here in Port Townsend and couldn’t find a contractor to build the necessary room to hold her new tank, shower, etc.  I’ve done a bit of building in the past and it sounded pretty straightforward.  I had no idea how much is involved in creating a sound-proof room! We have had to consult engineers, get special permits, order unique hardware, and the list goes on and on.  The walls have three layers of drywall held to the studs by means of rubber bumpers on steel channels.  The ceiling also has three layers of drywall but they are secured to a spring system that causes the ceiling to literally float in space.  The mass of the extra drywall added to the sound cancelling bumpers and springs will ideally defeat the ladies who operate a busy hair salon directly above this space.  They prance around in high heels on laminate flooring all day long and it is not conducive to a restful float! This 64 year old guy will be thinking twice before he takes on another project like this one!  But the end is in sight and I will be delighted to be back to full time building within a week.

The two wheels shown in the photos will end up being two very different  wheels indeed!  The one on the left and behind will be a super sleuth wheel featuring a huge cast of characters including Columbo, Holmes, Clouseau, and Poirot.  To these well known sleuths will be added a dog named Daisy disguised as Clouseau and a cat who is out to fool the dog.  The wheel on the right will be a phoenix rising from the flames.  It will be a very elegant and classy wheel.  What a contrast between the two visions these ladies have!  I will be posting more details of progress soon.  I am sorry for keeping such a low profile lately .  I miss all your helpful and encouraging thoughts!






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  1. Diane D permalink

    I wondered what had happened to you.

  2. I was starting to wonder why I hadn’t seen a post in a while from my favorite wheel builder. Hope all is well.

  3. I’ve just stumbled on to your beautiful work. I’m happy to just sit back and read through your archives – and daydream about having you make a wheel for me someday! (Your proposed “Summit” is particularly intriguing to me, as my current wheel is a CPW).

    • Thank you for the comment! I haven’t had the opportunity to pursue the Summit yet but would love to make one. Who knows, if you commission me, yours could be the first!

  4. Laurie Farthing permalink

    I would love to see you take on a “Clockworks” wheel…

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