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Saved by the Phone

May 28, 2014


Amy and I waited for the evening light and hauled our new Holmes wheel to our favorite park for a photo shoot.  These were supposed to be the final pictures but someone forgot to charge the battery in the camera.  That would be me.  I am glad Amy remembered her phone so all was not lost.  We really wanted to show interested people what the paintings look like at this point.  In this first photo Holmes is at the top in one of his classic pensive poses.  At the lower left is Holmes and Watson discussing a case on a train bound, no doubt, for adventure.  The scene at the lower right was requested by the spinner who ordered the wheel, and it is Holmes and Moriarty struggling at the falls.  Doyle killed Holmes off in this story but somehow brought him back in future books.  Now that is a clever writer!


This side of the wheel has a cast of characters who figure prominently in the books.  At the top is Watson, the right hand man to the world’s first consulting detective.  At the lower left is Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s brother, who figures in two stories.  At the lower right is Mrs. Hudson who was Holmes’ landlady.


This photo is just a close up showing a few details from a different angle.  Before we ship the wheel, I will charge the battery and take the final final photos and put them on our website.  This has really been a great and challenging project and we hope the new owner get a lot of pleasure from this wheel.







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  1. Of course I have seen it live but what wonderful art work on this piece.

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