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Holmes Takes Up Residence at 221B Baker St. Wheel

May 13, 2014

Holmes 1

Holmes 2

I’ve had to tackle other projects lately but have managed to get in some quality time with this new wheel too.  The most interesting addition is the sculpture of Holmes, and in front of him there is a removable plaque with his trusty pipe and magnifying glass.  Originally I had planned to have Holmes holding and smoking the pipe but it seemed like things up there were getting pretty bulky.  Also I needed to find a place for the magnifying glass and I felt it needed equal treatment with the pipe.  This works pretty well.  I think Holmes will need a bit of work yet but it always helps to put a preliminary finish over the raw sculpture to get a sense of what the final piece will look like.  Now I’ll refer back to all my reference photos and make little adjustments where necessary.  The next big step will be to paint the wheels with various scenes or characters from the books.  Time to get the paint brushes out!

Holmes 3








  1. lynda permalink

    your wheels are absolutely fab

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