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221B Baker St. Shapes Up!

May 3, 2014

baker st

baker st 2

Right now this hardly looks like a spinning wheel!  Perhaps a steam shovel or a phone booth.  I hesitated to post anything at this point but the truth is only when all the various elements are complete will this piece make sense. I did a lot or research on Sherlock Holme’s residence and have used the photos of the museum in London  for this part of the wheel.  I had to simplify several elements because I am limited in space and the need for it to live on the floor.  The hanging lamps that flank the door had to be permanently attached to the wall to avoid damage.  there are three LED lights in the sculpture: the two in the lamps and one inside  the room and visible through the arched glass above the door.  I used microscope slides for the glass as it is the thinnest glass I have found.  The walnut base is not finished but it does show the new shape with the scroll carving at each end.  This is designed to echo the violin scroll on the front leg of the wheel.  The lower photo shows the inset panel of highly figured maple in the middle of the walnut side.  I wanted to add interest to this plain area.  It is actually a lot prettier in person.  I hope to use a bit more of this wood in other areas too just to add a flow to the design.  I guess that’s it for this report.  More pictures to come!


  1. Jan permalink

    I continue to be blown away by your artistry and creativity.

  2. Rosane permalink

    Simply amazing! Stunning!

    • Thanks for the comments, ladies! It is a lot farther along now so we will be posting again soon. I’m beginning the work on Sherlock himself today.

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