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How about a mystery wheel?

April 27, 2014

shelock leg

The Garden of Eden wheel is in Amy’s hands for testing and so I get to start another project.  This one promises to be a lot of fun but also will present many challenges.  It will be a tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the genius behind Sherlock Holmes.  Wherever possible there will be references to the cases and the characters of this series.  The spinner who commissioned this (and who wishes to remain anonymous) loves the Granada series featuring Jeremy Brett as Holmes.  So, since I have become a sculptor I will proceed to try to capture his likeness as a figurehead for this wheel.  There will be four paintings on the big wheels but at this point they are still in the planning stage.  Holmes loved to play the violin and my spinner’s daughter also plays.  So one of the requirements was to use violin motifs in this wheel.  I have almost finished the front leg as you can see and the little sketch in the foreground shows its placement on the coming wheel.   It is left a little more rugged than a real violin for a couple good reasons.  A real violin spend a lot of its life in a case and the rest tucked under the musician’s chin.  This part of the wheel will live on the floor and be in constant danger from feet, pets, and vacuum cleaners!  I  was fortunate to get my hands on a fair amount of sapelle, which is in the mahogany family.  It was left over ends from a re-planking of a hundred year old schooner named the Adventuress which calls Port Townsend her  home port.  I will probably be using some walnut and cherry in this construction too.  Several other options being considered will be a revolver handle for the scotch tension handle and the door to the Baker street rooms.  I’ll keep you posted!


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  1. Oh my goodness that is just fabulous. As a Sherlock movie fan I am very impressed!

    • Thanks for the approval! I will be posting photos of the finished wheel very soon. Lots of little surprises to reveal!

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