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Eden Wheel Comes Together

April 11, 2014



  I wanted to showcase what is new with the Garden of Eden wheel for those of you who are interested.  It has a ways to go but I always like this moment when a person can begin to visualize what the finished wheel will look like.  The head of Eve (or just a lady dreaming in her garden) is coming along.  It is carved of seven layers of wood and then sculpted over with a layer of Apoxie, which is a wonderful two-part putty that allows me to work at a leisurely pace and have the product dry in about four hours.  I can wet my fingers and use the water to smooth the putty so little sanding is necessary.  Also I can paint over the freshly applied epoxy before it has cured.  For someone eager to see what things will look like this is great.  Most of her hair was applied this morning and it is curing now.  Later if I see an area that isn’t right I can sand it off and re-apply more putty and paint.  I love this stuff!  By the way, this figurehead is removable just like Henry the dragon is removable.

The design on the treadle is meant to suggest the tree of life painted in a sort of  Art Nouveau style.  At this point I think it is a bit too simple so I will likely go back in and modify it.  If Carolyn likes the bronze finish on the lady’s head, I might use this color and finish on the treadle design too.  The key is to make all the parts and then re-work them  to make the individual pieces harmonize with each other.  So, that’s the latest.  Now on to the speed changing assembly!









  1. You nailed the art nouveau style; very Tiffany-ish!

  2. Thank you Michelle,. A side view might have been worthwhile as these photos don’t show much of the frame. I worked very hard to make the frame have graceful, flowing lines. I sanded my fingerprints off!

  3. Jennifer Nightingale permalink

    I¹m not seeing any pictures GaryŠread your commentsŠcan¹t wait to see what you have described!

  4. Jennifer Nightingale permalink

    Found the pictures. Awsome!

  5. I can’t figure out why the large space separates the photos from the text. It isn’t like that when I compose the post. Oh well, Amy will be home this evening and all will be well!

  6. I am so excited….just loving this!

  7. Jan permalink

    Eden is beautiful. Love the painted design on the treadles. Gary, you’re quite the sculptor too.

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