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Henry’s Day Out

March 23, 2014

Henry wheel3

After a few weeks waiting for the wheel to get finished, Henry finally has his official perch ready for testing.  Since it was so nice and sunny we loaded Henry into the truck for his outing.  That little rascal is such a bookworm that even though we pointed out the flowers and birds and such, he hardly looked up.  On the way back home we stopped at the store for a few minutes and while Amy went to make her purchases I sat out in the truck with Henry.  A car pulled up near us and the elderly couple let a crazy old dog out for a brief time.  I hollered “Henry, look! A dragon!”  His hat fell off his head as he whirled around to see. But even though he was peering through those coke bottle glasses , I couldn’t  fool him.  He promptly went back to reading.

Henry wheel1

The only things left to do on the wheel is to add hooks to the flyer and the scotch tension line and its spring.  Then a coat or two of varnish to smooth everything out.  Then we get to testing.  I’m anxious to see how it fares compared to the double treadle model.  I think it will pass with flying colors.

Henry wheel2

This cherry wheel look quite handsome against the bright green grass and dandelions.  By the way, Victoria has graciously allowed us to keep Henry to show at the Whidbey Island Spin-In that is coming up on the first weekend of April.  Any of you able to come?

One Comment
  1. Jan permalink

    Henry is adorable. And I love your story about his trip out and about.

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