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New Design Idea

March 13, 2014

Victoria, the spinner who ordered the new dragon wheel, doesn’t have much use for the way I regularly make my treadles.  Nothing personal – it’s just that treadling this way reminds her of using exercise equipment!  She asked if I could modify my wheel design to use a single treadle.  I have taken that challenge seriously and think I’ve come up with several options.  The first (and most likely to work) is to make the two treadles much wider and totally remove the frame section that intrudes between the treadles in the regular machine.  This way the spinner could actually use two feet on either treadle and the other treadle could just go along for the ride.  But Victoria  then made a wonderful suggestion that I had not thought of.  It is possible to join the two treadles together and rotate the two big wheels so that everything lines up and  moves in synch.   In other words both treadles would be up or down and the same time rather than working opposite of each other. This would turn it into a true single treadle machine and yet be reversible if need be in the future.  Quite a nice idea, I think.  I will be ready to test both versions pretty soon.  My goal was not to allow the treadles just to look like big old planks, so I made them by gluing up smaller curved pieces that actually add a refined and artistic touch.  The top photo shows how the new machine looks next to my regular one.  You might notice too what a difference the finish makes over raw cherry which is what you see on the new wheel.  The second and third photos are just for detail people who want to get a close look at this progress.  Any thoughts?

new wheel1


new wheel3

new wheel2


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  1. Victoria permalink

    Personally I think the treadles are beautiful. Your right – I hate feeling like I am at the gym when spinning. I want that porch swing, summer day, I’ll have a lemonade please kind of spinning :)

  2. The new treadle design is really pretty =). However, I LOVE the design of my treadles on my Dragon Wheel…one of your first few wheels. It sure is a good thing that there are lots of different/great ideas to make the world a more fun place to live =)

  3. Jan permalink

    I think it’s great that you are so accommodating to the needs of the spinners. I’m certain having the option of a single treadle will be popular with many people. The design is interesting and may offer future opportunities for creativity in design. When you treadle it, does it treadle as easily as on the double treadle? That would be my only concern.

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