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Meet Henry!

March 7, 2014


Victoria likes dragons and she likes spinning wheels.  I have the privilege of combining these two loves into what will hopefully be a wonderful new wheel.  I couldn’t resist the temptation to start with the figurehead.  Victoria had already named him Henry and that gave me a sort of a direction  to travel.  She also likes whimsy and didn’t want a fire breathing beast anywhere near this wheel.  Henry likes to read, according to Victoria, and she informed me that his favorite book is “Knitting for Dragons.”


Henry is near-sighted and needs spectacles to read.  He doesn’t really look mad – he’s just concentrating.  My daughters collaborated on helping Henry with his wardrobe so he is sporting a little knitted cape and a great little hat.


Here he is from the side without his clothes.  You might notice a ball of yarn and knitting needles below his book.  This little fellow will be removable so when Victoria is done spinning, she can take Henry along with her to her favorite place to knit.  Or perhaps she’ll pick up her own bigger copy of “Knitting for Dragons.”


From → Gary's Thoughts

  1. I wish my imagination was half as fertile as yours!

  2. I got a lot of guidance from Victoria and my family was a great help too. Perhaps you overrate my imagination! Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Christine permalink

    If ever I was lucky enough to own one of your wheels Dragons would be involved somewhere. This one is gorgeous!! I live in Wales, UK where Red Dragons can be seen on a regular basis in the Mountains of Snowdonia!♥!

    • Sounds intriguing! I would like to tackle a red dragon some day! I so much enjoy bringing a spinner’s vision to life.

  4. Narnia Wheel permalink

    Well Done, Gary. Henry and Reepicheep should get together for tea someday !

    • Thanks, Marcia, Since they will be living on opposite sides of the country, Perhaps they’ll have to settle for being pen pals!

  5. This is fabulous and gives me more ideas for mine, which I am really excited about!

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