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Guarding the Flock

February 26, 2014

dog 2

dog 3


A lot of progress has been made on the new wheel and several spinners have been looking forward to seeing the Great Pyrenees carving.  I was too!  Each carving I do is truly an adventure as my background is landscape painting with just a dash of wildlife thrown in.  Carving is a new undertaking and I always wonder if I’ll be able to pull it off.  Since Ann’s reference photos were limited, I had to find a similar dog in our area.  There is a great new farm a few miles from us and I’ve noticed a big white dog tending the sheep and chickens.  I called the nice folks at the farm and explained my mission and they graciously let me shoot photos of their dog.  Brina proved a wonderful model and she gave me the poses I needed.  She was friendly and playful and yet she always had an eye to the sky.  Turns out she’s always watching for eagles that could prove an unwelcome threat to the flocks.

The new handle configuration I use these days allows me to pose a carving a bit away from the spinner and this keeps the actual handle part smooth and easy to lift.  And the dog can just lay around and keep one eye on the spinner!   I carved some dog tracks into the toe end of the treadles too and it helps carry the theme to the far reaches of the wheel.  The wood is cherry and there will be a few walnut accents.  Enjoy!

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  1. Of course I love it. Very cool. Laurie

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