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Griffin Wheel Progress

January 18, 2014

griffin parts

Tina’s griffin wheel is coming along.  I usually build the frame first so it is a real departure to start backwards this time.  Tina likes blues and purples and if this was a perfect world, she would have opted for the wheel to be make from a wood called blue mahoe.  I did some research and found this is the national wood of Jamaica, was over-harvested, and is very difficult to buy in this country in big enough pieces to use.  So I needed to find a substitute for this exotic.  I went out to Edensaw and even stumped the experts on this wood.    No one there had heard of it.  I eventually settled on hickory because its light and fairly neutral color as well as grain might mimic blue mahoe with a couple coats of tinted varnish.  It is also heavy and hard, which could make for a very smooth spinning wheel. So, in the photo you can see my “faux mahoe.”   The footman rods are about finished too and I really like the big flourish they make against the relatively simple wheel.  The griffin head seems a bit skeptical at this point but hopefully all pieces will come together nicely.  Tina has opted for a more graphic design for the frame so will be sketching it out full size today.  Should be fun!


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