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Silly Spinphonies

December 31, 2013

mouse plan

My adventures as a wheel maker are full of challenges and certainly this one is unique.  Throw out all concern with accurate anatomy and just have fun.  It gives me a strange and delicious freedom!  This first picture shows how I made the little mouse.  I turned the  body and head on the lathe and inserted brass rods for the legs and arms. For a while I thought I was in a little over my head but I think the result is just right.

mouse wheel1

This photo shows the right side of the wheel with the little carved mouse on the handle.   I decided to have the mouse face the spinner so he can sort of conduct all activities.  Everybody needs a little direction after all.  The paintings on the big wheels are based on early cartoons of these characters but I modified them to avoid copyright concerns. I really enjoy the vintage look of the art .  The accent wood is padouk, and its rich red color goes well with the cherry.

mouse wheel 2

This photo just shows what the other painting looks like.  Notice the tuning pegs are padouk too.  Also, the small space directly above the treadle has a little painting of insects playing instruments.

mouse wheel 3

This photo shows the mouse from the spinner’s point of view. With a cheerful little helper like this what could go wrong? There is still a fair amount of work to do such as the speed change mechanism and flyer but most of the major woodwork is at least in place. Thought you might want to see.  Enjoy!


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  1. Bydie permalink

    Gary, it’s wonderful….. as have been all your wheels that I’ve seen. I so
    want one of these fabulous works of art, but just cannot take up another hobby without threat of divorce. Thank you for posting the great pictures.

    • Perhaps I can make something that performs another function… sweeps the floor, dusts….Don’t want to cause a divorce!

  2. Teri Chambliss permalink

    As a committed Disney-ute and former cast member this is awesome. I need a fairy godmother or Tinkerbell:)

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