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A New Wheel Takes Form

December 21, 2013


The goat wheel is now on its way to Quebec and I am onto another project.  CZ is a lifelong musician, music teacher, conductor as well as being a fine gourd artist.  She and I have been dialoging about a new wheel that has a music theme about it.  Being an idea person, she sent me a regular blizzard of ideas and photos once I suggested that she could have all the input she wanted.  I eventually had to narrow the scope and just get started.  As you can see from the photo this wheel has a front foot crafted to remind one of the neck of a violin.  There is a little pegbox  and in the four holes I will  put tuning pegs made from exotic wood.  I may put brass wire on them and they may travel up the leg for a bit.   Too bad its so far away from the scotch tension!  It would be fun to make one of these pegs have a function. The treadles have a fun cut-out that I feel adds a lot of elegance to the design.  The really exciting  part is yet to surface but I’ll tell you where we are headed.  Remember those very early cartoons with animated figures playing instruments?  I’m thinking ducks and mice and cows and dogs…… We are after a vintage look and I will get to try my hand at  entirely different critters than the usual sheep, dogs, goats, rabbits, and cats!  Will add posts soon!


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  1. Carly permalink

    Maybe one of the pegs could be an orifice hook?

    • Clever idea. My orifice hooks are usually too long. Placer here, it would stick out the other side and trip people! But thank you for the thought! Gary

  2. Sounds like you are off to a great new project.

  3. LaVelle Nott permalink

    Wow reminds me of a violin.

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