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A behind the scenes look

December 6, 2013

goat wheel frame

For me one of the most exciting parts of my wheels are the parts that no one ever sees.  All through this last year I have been upgrading my original  design and  making it more user friendly.  This photo shows how the frame looks without the large wheels covering things up.  Between  the goat’s head at the top and the main frame at the bottom is the new assembly.  It pivots and this allows the spinner to easily adjust the orifice height by just loosening and then re-tightening a knob.  Another knob, seen protruding through the new assembly and exiting right below the goat’s chin,  secures the speed changing assembly to the desired location.  By moving this sub-assembly in or out the speed of the bobbin and flyer is changed.  What appears to be a handle on the left end of the speed changer is actually where the scotch tension knob will fit.  All this may seem pretty obscure to spinners but for me this marriage between function and clean flowing lines is a real source of satisfaction.  I kind of hate to put the wheels on!

goat wheel handle

I couldn’t resist taking another photo of the goat now that I’ve finished the eyes.  I carve the eyes, paint them, sand, re-paint, and when everything looks good I carefully and with a toothpick apply a dollop  of clear epoxy resin.  I  keep holding the head at different positions while the epoxy sets to ensure a domed look and this whole step really makes the eyes come alive.  I’m curious as to what name Christine will give this fellow!  Below the head you can clearly see the knob that secures the speed changer.


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