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Goat Wheel Forms Up

December 2, 2013

goat wheel

goat handle

Christine from Quebec is next on my work list and we have had a good and productive time collaborating on a new wheel celebrating her French Canadian heritage.  It was fun to take the ideas she sent and find a way to incorporate them into this new wheel.  Of course I am probably less than half way through the process but I believe this is a very good start.  Christine has a couple of angora goats and I wanted to use a goat for a figurehead/handle.  The trick was how to suggest such a wild and luxurious coat in wood that cannot be carved into fragile locks.  I have made some compromises but it is coming along pretty well.  Still some work to do on the eyes and face but at least it fits onto the wheel in a goat-like way.  Christine also mentioned the arrow sashes worn by the voyageurs and that are still being proudly made and worn.  I found these to be quite captivating and felt that a design painted around the big wheels would be a good way to carry on this tradition in a new way.  There are a couple of other ways to add themes that follow her thoughts and I’ll put up photos as work progresses.  I do think I’ll keep the wood light in tone.  It seems to have a freshness I find very appealing.  Thanks for looking!


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One Comment
  1. Crystal Ziemann permalink

    Hi G, Found the pic from that face-off show. hope this works CZ

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