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The Love Birds

November 20, 2013

love birds2

I have really enjoyed building this wheel.  The concept of two figures interacting atop the wheel was a first and it could lead the way to similar applications in the future.  I had the opportunity to fine tune the new mechanical improvements that were originally  pioneered on Rudy the wolf wheel.  I still love to see  the frame  before the wheels are mounted.  For those who get one of these machines, you will just have to trust me that the innards are just as exciting as the outward appearance!  Amy and I tried to find an appropriate place to photograph today and we chose North Beach with a view toward the San Juan Islands.  seemed just right for a wheel with a theme like this.  Boy, it was cold and windy though so we didn’t linger very long.  Now on to testing and crating and the next project.  (The theme will be angora goats!)

love birds1

  1. Deb permalink

    Oohhhhhh – absolutely SPECTACULAR!!!! Even better than I dreamed it would be! Thank you so much, Gary!!

    • Your enthusiasm is very much appreciated, since you and this wheel will be spending a lot of quality time together! Right from the get go this wheel is spinning smoothly with no tweaking necessary. I usually bring a new wheel in for Amy to test and sit around nervously while she tries it out. If any one can hear a squeak, its Amy. So many years around tools have made this job a bit harder for my ears. So, it look like we’ll be ready to ship pretty soon!

      • Deb permalink

        Excellent! I can’t wait! ♥!

  2. Love it! What do you finish the woodwork with?

    • Glad you like it, brother. Having been a painter for a long time, I’ve got a lot of things to play with. And its fun to pick up new techniques too by learning from other woodworkers. This wheel is final finished with polyurethane varnish, then light steel wool, then wax. I love the feel wax gives. so much more inviting and warmer than poly. I also use a poly/oil wipe on, wipe off finish on some pieces.

  3. HUGHES1681 permalink

    Love this wheel wow.

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