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Eagle and Raven Wheel Comes Together

November 14, 2013

eagle raven wheel

A lot of work has happened since the last post.  All I had at that time was a raven carving and a plan.  Give me a few more days and these guys will be making yarn!  The photo is pretty weak because our weather is not very good for shooting these days, but you can see how the eagle has taken shape.  I have never made a wheel with two figureheads before and this was fun! It opens doors to lots of possibilities on other wheels, too.  I like the space between the wings and within them is where the orifice height adjustment knob is located.  The painting on both of the large wheels is a raven and eagle design.  You can probably recognize which bird is which by the beaks.  The raven has a fairly straight beak while the eagle’s is hooked.  The eagle has a clawed foot too because that is an important feature with eagles.  Ravens – not so much.  The unfinished footman rod in the photo is designed to remind a person of the shape of  a Tlingit canoe paddle handle.  Kind of a nice way to carry the theme a little farther.  As usual, the holes in the hubs will be plugged with black wooden plugs to cover the screws.  Tonight I have to take it all apart for finish and fitting and it should come back together prettier than ever and ready to test.  Thanks for looking!


From → Gary's Thoughts

  1. It is very beautiful. I really love the two heads. It is about how I imagined it from your description.

  2. Wow! Each of these wheels are really different from one to another…

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