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New Project to Think About

November 5, 2013

love bird wheel idea

Now that Rudy is safely in Portland, I am beginning a new wheel with a different  idea than any I’ve done before.  I did a raven wheel a few months ago for Susan and we really liked how “Edgar” turned out.  It is a handsome wheel with a pretty traditional approach to Northwest Coast design concepts.  This new wheel will use a similar raven approach but with a twist.  In Tlingit society the people belong to one of two moieties.  You are an Eagle or a  Raven depending on what your mother was.  My wife is an Eagle because her mother belonged to that moiety.  When I was adopted into the tribe after we were married, I needed to be adopted into the Raven side to keep things proper and balanced.  I am very proud of this connection with the people of Kake, Alaska , and it is an honor to belong.  Often times these days in artwork (such as silver rings) a raven and an eagle design will be worked in together.  so this wheel will actually have two figureheads to demonstrate this  idea.  The raven carving in the photo is holding a abalone disc in its beak.  The eagle will be carved with an open beak as if to accept the gift.  The eagle will have wings below the head that will form the front leg of the wheel.  I love to plan these things I’ll keep you all posted.


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  1. Deb permalink

    Oh my Gary- this is incredible!!!!!

  2. laurie weinsoft permalink

    great design of course.

  3. So excited to see this! I am completely in love with your wheels.

  4. Really neat concept!

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